distribuidor de doble línea de lubricación kw

Producto: KW Dual Line Distributor
Ventaja de productos:
1. Two line grease feeding lubrication distributor with pressure 20Mpa
2. 5 Types of outlet ports for optional selection
3. Visible indicators and easily grease volume adjustable

KW Series Function Introduction

Dual line distributor KW series is used for the dual line centralized lubrication system with max. working pressure 200bar, through the piston in chamber of KW dual line distributor to distribute grease or oil directly to each lubrication required spot and the grease or oil is supplied by two pipes alternately under system pressure.

There are outlet ports is designed on the front and the upper and lower side of dual line distributor KW series as two-way grease outlet. The front upper row outlets of KW series is corresponding to the upper side of outlets and the front lower row outlets is corresponding to the lower side of outlets depending on the pipeline required for option.

KW Dual line distributor is able to feed the grease or oil once from the upper and lower side while the piston movies forward and back off. The KW dual line distributor is convenient to increase the amount of grease or oil feeding of changing the odd number of grease, the upper and lower corresponding to the oil outlet also has a combination of structure, just by unscrew the bolt at the outlet port and plugged by Rc1/4 bolt. Dual line distributor KW series can be directly visible from the indicator rod to see the distributor work, but also by adjusting the screw within a specified range to easily adjust the amount of grease / oil to each outlet

Ordering Code Of KW Series


(1) Basic type = KW series Dual line distributor
(2) Size = 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
(3) Number of discharging (Outlet) = 2 ports / 4 ports / 6 ports / 8 ports / 10 ports

KW Series Technical Data

KW-2 / 4 / 6 / 8 series of Dual Line Distributor
Output Feeding Port:
Two (2; 4; 6; 8; 10 optional)ports
Materias primas:
- Hierro fundido (predeterminado, contáctenos para otros materiales)
– 45# High strength of carbon steel (Optional)
Presión laboral:
Max. presión de operación: 200bar / 2900psi (hierro fundido)
Comenzando la presión de trabajo:
Crackin en: 18bar / 261psi

Supply Line Threaded Connection:
Rc3 / 8
Feeding Line Threaded Connection:
Rc 1/4, Rc1/8
Ajuste de flujo por cada vuelta
0.04cm3 ~ 0.15cm3
Loss Amount
0.10cm3 ~ 5.0cm3
Tratamiento superficial:
Zincado o niquelado, consúltenos para cualquier requerimiento especial
Cantidad mínima de pedido:
Por favor consúltenos
Lugar de origen:

Technical Data Of Dual line distributor KW series:

ModelanOutlet Nos.Feeding Volume /StrokeAdj. per rotation of screwPresión de TrabajoPeso
KW-2220.1 ~ 0.6ml0.04ml200Bar0.7kg
KW-2440.1 ~ 0.6ml0.04ml1.1kg
KW-2660.1 ~ 0.6ml0.04ml1.5kg
KW-2880.1 ~ 0.6ml0.04ml1.9kg
KW-3220.2 ~ 1.2ml0.06ml1.5kg
KW-3440.2 ~ 1.2ml0.06ml2.5kg
KW-3660.2 ~ 1.2ml0.06ml3.5kg
KW-3880.2 ~ 1.2ml0.06ml4.5kg
KW-310100.2 ~ 1.2ml0.06ml5.5kg
KW-4220.6 ~ 2.5ml0.10ml1.5kg
KW-4440.6 ~ 2.5ml0.10ml2.5kg
KW-4660.6 ~ 2.5ml0.10ml3.5kg
KW-4880.6 ~ 2.5ml0.10ml4.5kg
KW-5221.2 ~ 5.0ml0.15ml1.5kg
KW-5441.2 ~ 5.0ml0.15ml2.5kg
KW-5661.2 ~ 5.0ml0.15ml3.5kg
KW-5881.2 ~ 5.0ml0.15ml4.5kg

Nota: The use of medium cone penetration of not less than 295 (25 ℃, 150g) 1 / 10mm grease (NLGI0 # 1 #) or viscosity grade greater than N68 lubricating oil; the use of ambient temperature -10 ℃ ~ 80 ℃; the working pressure is below 100bar if the oil as medium.

KW Series Installation Dimensions

kw lubrication dual-line distributor Dimensions
KW-20 Series27202020406794121/821.54032.519
KW-30 Series3218242245761081401721227544430
KW-40 Series321824224576108140/1227544430
KW-50 Series321824224576108140/1227544430
KW-20 Series33165483277265380107/Rc1 / 8Rc3 / 87
KW-30 Series571979116527316294126158Rc1 / 4Rc3 / 89
KW-40 Series571979129527316294126/Rc1 / 4Rc3 / 89
KW-50 Series571979132527316294126/Rc1 / 4Rc3 / 89