Distribuidor progresivo ZP-A, serie ZP-B

Producto: Progressive Distributor JPQ-K (ZP) Series, Lubrication Progressive Distributors For Central Lubrication System
Ventaja del producto:
1. Feeding volume from 0.07 to ml/stroke optional
2. JPQ-K, ZP series for different feeding volume requirement, max. pressure up to 160bar
3. Volume marked on each segment for replacement or repairing, easily maintenance

Equal Code With ZP & JPQ-K:

JPQ-K (ZP) series distributor is progressive lubrication divider, which consists of more than 3 piece of individual segments, sealed and assembled together with each other. Each integrated distributor consists of top segment (A), middle segment(M) and the end segment(E). The minimum pieces of middle segment should be non less than 3 pieces, additional to top and end segment each, while the max. number of middle segment should be 10 pieces for example.

The below 3 segments must be mounted as base arrangement:JPQ-K-ZP Segment

A Segment is Initial Segment
M Segment is Medium Segment
E Segment is Final Segment

If there is a add number for lubrication points or volume of lubricating needed to increase, it is available to combine the next segment (Inner chamber connection), or by adding joint block or connected with tee to become a one outlet (Supply line blocked is not allowed).

The JPQ-K (ZP) series of progressive distributor is be able to integrated according to amount for grease requirement for different lubrication point and the number of lubrication points.
If central lubrication system needs many lubrication points or the lubrication point is decentralized, two-level volume or three feeding volume which is available to supply oil or grease in progressive line to lubricating point. (Two level volume is often for oil medium, and the grease feeding volume is usually for grease medium).
Circulating indicator with progressive distributor JPQ-K (ZP) series can be equipped to monitor lubrication system operation status(optional). Over-pressure indicator or safety valve can be equipped to indicate the overload of lubrication.

Ordering Code Of Progressive Distributor JPQ-K (ZP) Series

HS-6JPQ -K (ZP)-2-K / 0.2--
(1)(2)(3)(4)(5) (6) (7) (8)

(1) Productor = Industria Hudsun
(2) Feeding Outlet números = 6~ 24 Optional
(3) Distributor Type = ZP-A (JPQ1-K), ZP-B (JPQ2-K), ZP-C (JPQ3-K), ZP-D (JPQ4-K) Progressive Distributor
(4) Números de segmento = 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 Opcional
(5) Presión nominal K= 16MPa(2,320PSI)
(6) Feeding Volume: ZP-A : 0.07ml/stroke; 0.1ml/stroke; 0.2ml/stroke; 0.3ml/stroke ; ZP-B : 0.5ml/stroke; 1.2ml/stroke; 2.0ml/stroke
ZP-C : 0.07ml/stroke; 0.1ml/stroke; 0.2ml/stroke; 0.3ml/stroke ; ZP-D : 0.5ml/stroke; 1.2ml/stroke; 2.0ml/stroke
(7) Omit: Without Limited Switch ; L= With Limited Switch
(8) Omit: Without Over-pressure Indicator ; P= With Over-Pressure Indicator

Progressive Distributor JPQ-K (ZP) Series Technical Data

ModelanVolume per outlet


Presión de ruptura


Middle Segment Nos.Outlet Nos.Max. Working Pressure (Bar)
JPQ1-K (ZP-A)0.07, 0.1, 0.2, 0.3≤ 103 12 ~6 24 ~160
JPQ2-K (ZP-B)0.5, 1.2, 2.03 12 ~6 24 ~
JPQ3-K (ZP-C)0.07, 0.1, 0.2, 0.34 8 ~6 14 ~
JPQ4-K (ZP-D)0.5, 1.2, 2.04 8 ~6 14 ~

Lubrication Distributor JPQ-K (ZP) Operation Function

Progressive Distributor ZP-A/B-function

Grease pressed into piston chamber through inlet channel, pushing each piston orderly.
Drawing A: The Piston A moves, and pressed the grease to nos. 6 outlet.
Drawing B: The Piston M moves, and pressed the grease to nos. 1 outlet.

Progressive Distributor ZP-A/B-function

Drawing C: The Piston E moves, and pressed the grease to nos. 2 outlet.
Drawing D: The Piston A moves, and pressed the grease to nos. 3 outlet.

Progressive Distributor ZP-A/B-function

Drawing E: The Piston M moves, and pressed the grease to nos. 4 outlet
Drawing F: The Piston E moves, and pressed the grease to nos. 5 outlet

Progressive Distributor JPQ1-K; JPQ3-K (ZP-A; ZP-C) Installation Dimensions

Progressive Distributor ZP-A-Dimensions
Outlet Nos.681012141618202224
Segmento Nos.3456789101112
H (mm)48648096112128144160176192
Peso (Kg)0.901.201.501.702.02.302.502.803.13.3

Progressive Distributor JPQ2-K (ZP-B) I Installation Dimensions

Progressive Distributor ZP-B-Dimensions
Outlet Nos.681012141618202224
Segmento Nos.3456789101112
H (mm)75100125150175200225250275300
Peso (Kg)